ISTE Advocacy Network

MACUL is proud to introduce a tool that will enable educators and others to easily engage in the political process and help project a unified voice in support of a common cause—improving teaching and learning through the effective use of technology. The ISTE Advocacy Network is an organization that was established to influence public policy-makers at the federal, state and local levels and to increase public investment in the competitiveness of America’s classrooms and students.

Michigan faces real challenges in these tough economic times.  As we work to solve today’s problems, it is important that we understand what skills our students will need in order to address the problems that will present themselves in their future.  All students in Michgan need 21st century knowledge and skills to succeed as effective citizens, workers, and leaders in the 21st century. In order to provide these skills, school districts need funding to equip their schools with a robust technical infrastructure, adequate equipment for ubiquitous access to digital tools and content, and high-quality professional development for their teachers. The ISTE Advocacy Network is a tool that engages teachers and interested citizens in the effort of communicating this important message to our federal and Michigan lawmakers.

All who are interested in supporting this mission are encouraged to go to the Advocacy Network website and sign-up to be alerted when federal or state legislation affecting policy or law concerning educational technology is being considered. By signing up for ISTE Advocacy Network, an individual will receive action alerts for both federal and Michigan educational technology issues.

You can register at

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